This site has no overt purpose!

So don’t expect one!

This site is not meant to help or hinder you! I am not a psychologist and will never be one!

I fully expect that you will either like or hate or be completely in different to what you find here!

I also expect people to have melt down’s over the spelling and the grammar! My thought to that is take it easy and then contemplate why our language is mired in someone else’s idea of what it right. The people who formalized it had one opinion (I may have another) so if your only thought is that they are right then you are a follower!

That does not mean that I will deliberately do it differently or at least not all of the time and not on purpose! But no one pays me to spell and I will never work for someone who does!


2 thoughts on “Purpose

    • Which ever works for you I would think, for some people there may not be a difference.

      I think I would prefer the former.


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