Your next holiday, a random place coming right up.

The random dart method! (With a blind fold if necessary)

It is not truly random because you choose the map. So set up the map and then throw a darts at it (Using a corkboard/ or magnetic backing)

First saw the idea in a car commercial, here are my rules!

Rules for picking a place

1. If the dart lands on water it doesn’t count

2. Must be closer than 40km or 25 miles from a road cart track or otherwise vehicle navigable spot.

3. Cannot be on someone else’s property or property belonging to an organization that would not allow access.

4. Can only be in the city or town if you intend to stop in a city or town.

5. The majority must agree to the final destination

6. Cannot be excessively dangerous to go to.

7. If the place has rules you should follow them if possible, ie be nice.