Right vs Left

What does it mean to be right vs left, what does it mean to be a liberal vs a conservative?

In some opinions to be right means to be a Gun totting jerk, and to be left a pacifist, both of which I think are wrong.

Liberals are for spending money and conservatives are not? I think this is wrong as well!

The right is always pro-business and the left is pro people? It think this is also wrong

The left is pro government and the right is pro freedom? Really?

The right is pro control (pro government?) and the left is pro rights? is this not the same as the previous?

I think we all make many judgments and in many cases we think that the people whose views differ from our views are wrong?

I think that people need to really look to see what is important and what is not, and maybe come to realize that people are both left and right and right and left.