Stress makes you burn the bridges

What happens when you reach that point where it becomes difficult to make a clear decision?

I know many people that run or hide!!!

How many people stop communicating under stressful circumstances?

All of these items have the affect of burning your bridges.

When things get to the point where the glass is full, the only thing that you can think of is how fast can I empty it, if you think at all. It seems to me that when you reach that point you become non operational or non functional. You end up doing things like endlessly browsing the internet, or reading posts like this (does not mean I want you to stop). This causes more stress, which causes you to do even less than before. A piece of gum in the wrong spot can/will cause you to go over the edge. You lash out, you figuratively burn your bridges. When the fire is done, everybody has left, and you have a hard time understanding why.

There is no right solution to this, but you must at some point figure out what is causing the issue and deal with it. It could be a simple as your partner not paying the bills! Not really simple at that, but hopefully you get the drift.