The best tool for the job

The best tool for the Job is you!

This does not mean that we know everything, rather it points to the fact that you know what you want/ need at a specific moment in time. You cannot find a tool to do this for you, rather you can find tools to assist you.

I find that when I¬†procrastinate¬†that I will spend an in ordinate amount of time looking for the best tool, or just a better tool for the job. In the end I often don’t finish the job on time and usually don’t settle on a tool either. When I do settle on a tool, I will then do the research to find an even better tool. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to use a stone when I need a pen, rather the tools can gets in way.

Tools can help you and prevent you from getting the job done, its your choice, but without you a tool is just a tool.