The best trade/ career/ job/ diploma/ degree …..

So what is the best job for you?

I have an answer (And no I am not always correct? in fact….)

But first the discussion!

This started when talking to some people about the best career, and the people around the table started with it must be practical. Then the discussion centered on various careers/ choices that were unlikely to make you money.

The only thing that I know about this is that all of the previous answers are wrong, in my opinion. They are not wrong from a principle point of view as you need to live. But you must be careful here, we do not live to work, we work to live.

Here is my not so humble a thought!

(Rules 1 to 4 are the real thoughts, the rest just add to them.)

  1. You must do what you like, ie what you have a passion for that must always be number one.
  2. You are allowed to change your mind
  3. Practical is nice but it cannot violate rule number one
  4. You should try out what you think you like before you commit. But wait that is really rule number two.
  5. Family and Friends are good as a sounding board, but the choice needs to be yours
  6. Anything you are passionate about you should be able to make a living at.
  7. This is not about being rich or poor, more about enjoying life
  8. There is no test, or person who can predict or tell you what you should do or be.
  9. It is not about making other people happy
  10. Don’t become a bitter old person…. or die just after retirement from the shock of leaving a job you disliked.
  11. You never have to retire from a job you love, you just take it easier. Besides if you love the job then is it really work?
  12. Don’t listen to the people who just say no without having any other thoughts….

There is no one right job, but there is a job for everybody.