Hiding and heading towards mindfullness

So here is the scenario, as I head forward with hiding….

So your thought what are you hiding from, in some ways everyone and in some ways no one.

We/I are hiding from my artificial society induced bread basket filling work. (At work or at home)

Why…. good question?

No reason really other than I/ we are burned out/ tired/ bored/ directionless. It cannot be all of these reasons can it?

I cannot really put my finger on it; maybe you’re in the same boat. In a lot of ways it is self-sabotage.

Kind of goes like this, if I don’t do my work, my work will break, then maybe it will go away, but I don’t want it to go away. Quick let me put a bandage on it, let me water the plants a little more, maybe a bit too much….

And so on it goes until? Well we don’t know what “the until” is so, the cycle keeps repeating. (Sound familiar, the good old rat trap)

Should the next effort be mindfulness, hopefully not the bandage version?

The thought is that if I can figure out why you are doing something maybe you can change it. The only way to do that is the learn more about yourself. Learn how to breathe again, learn how to live in the moment again, rather than fear the future.