Help the un helpable

How do you help someone who does not need help, but probably does?

This applies to a lot of different people, from people being unwilling to exercise to worse.

There is no right answer, you can only offer, try or more 🙁 , but you cannot force!

Of course the next question would be, what is “try” what is “more”? I have no answers for that other than whatever feels right!

You cannot take someone else’s right from them, when they are not infringing on others rights.

Points of Convergence

I have noticed that when things start to tumble, they all seem to tumble at once. I have called this a nexus, or a point of convergence.

The busier you are the more things that happen.

So what do you do about it?

If you let it flow, then after a while the wave passes you by. You just hope you don’t drown in the process!

Smile while your doing it! Knowing that you will come out stronger at the end 😉

Thoughts from nowhere

The first thought that I had went nowhere, so I am now calling it thoughts from nowhere!

This is of course completely useless, but why not add the useless to the useful, as it may benefit someone.

This in itself becomes a whole discussion that is probably not going anywhere 😉