The Tau Inventors Club

Rules for an Inventors Club

  1. The rules may change, like inventions rules should not be set in stone
  2. You do not require a degree, in fact it may be a detriment
    1. More schooling does not mean more ability
    2. We are not against school or learning of any kind but it does not take precedence
    3. Your level of spelling does not determine your ability.
    4. Everybody is an equal and any vote is done as an equal so education, knowledge or experience does not give you extra rights
  3. You are not allowed to tell someone it is impossible
  4. You can indicate why something maybe difficult, but only if you provide idea’s on how to overcome the problem
  5. You are not there to prove something cannot be done, but rather why it can. If some one has not made it work then they have not proved it or invalidated it.
  6. The absence of something does not make it right.
  7. You will only share someone else’s project with there permission.
  8. If your only job is to take without giving you do not belong.
  9. You must be able to present an idea and what you have done about it in order to join.
  10. Something simple is just as important as something complex (Wheels are simple or are they?)
  11. The purpose of gatherings is to have fun, discuss idea’s but not surrender secrets.
  12. The purpose of the club is not to monetize your inventions, but to provide you access to a group of semi like mined individuals.
  13. There are not allowed to be more than 300 total rules or laws combined for the club.