Say Again?

Repeating cycles, it seems to me that all of the things that are happening right now have already happened in the past. With different people, and different variations.

This does not mean that an exact event has already happened, although it may have. We would be pretty egoistical or self-centered to assume that we are always the first and only.

It just means that the wars come and go, which means that peace comes and goes, and that we seem to be doing the same thing over and over again hoping the next time it will be different. Just like the money and banks, why do many religions outlaw interest or the like? Could it be because it has damaged society before? Why are some animals sacred? This is all part of the repeating cycle.

So maybe 35,000 years ago in a high-rise somewhere somebody was writing about the last cycle ­čśë or was that last week?


World Collapse, welcome to the new world order

So is the world collapsing? I think it is but then I am probably paranoid ­čśë

The financial markets are falling and the house of cards that everything is built on is going sideways.

The world will continue to turn when it is done, life will have changed more for some than for others. The best bet would be to make sure it never happens again.

Most of what is happing probably has more to do with greed then planning!

We can choose the blame the world, or try and take the reins in our own hands and try to make the world a better. (IN A PEACEFULL WAY)

If we look at history this is not the first and it will not be the last time it happens, let’s hope that the pendulum of thought stops in the middle. If you research history, it will probably tell you how it will happen and what you can do about it, history tends to repeat itself.

When you upset you friends or relatives

We all get upset; we all get a little bit moody, if you do forgive. Just hope that they can forgive you.

It takes a big person to admit that they could have done things differently.

The other side has to be able to do the same!

You have to wonder how many people would still be talking to each other if they had been able to swallow there pride or honor?

How many friends, fathers, mothers and anybody else!

This does not mean that I think people should forgo their honor, I just think that maybe sometimes they apply it wrong or use it as a shield.

Things always get better, after they have been worse :-)

There are times when the world seems to collide and everything seems to go wrong!

I find when I make it through the rough parts that everything goes better, especially if I look at it positively.

If we can look at things in a better light, then things will look up.

So smile when things are going wrong!

Primitive Food

Here is a question what is primitive food? What is primal food?

What did our ancestors eat?

Wheat is only traceable back about 9 to 11 thousand years and as
little as 3-5 thousand depending on the rest of the world.

So were we fish eaters, not possible some people say, fishing
was too hard, nets only existed 30-50 thousand years ago.

I would say that we continually under estimate our ancestors,
they built amazing structures and tools and the more we look the older they

The only thing that I do know is that a lot of what we eat
currently is probably bad ­čśë

Maybe simpler is better!