Bad News

Here is the question

Should you tell people when you get bad news? Like when someone you care about dies?

If I had phrased it as, should you hide from bad news, the easy answers is NO!

The argument against
I don’t want bother anybody!
I don’t want any pity!
People will think I am weak!
None of their business!
They don’t want to know!

The arguments for
Your sanity!
If you bottle it all up, you will explode!
People need to know, how else can they help you?
People need to understand why life is rough for you right now
People will think you are weak if you hide it? (It’s wrong on both sides? Maybe?)
It is none of their business, until it affects their business. How can they help?
Some people probably don’t want to know! Too bad…..
To help you work your way through.

I think you need to talk, even if the other side only listens it helps…

As a side note:
You have to wonder what pets know after a one sided conversation?
How many burdens have they heard?

Bent Stik